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All Hail Modern Luxury

We could not have said it better ourselves Modern Luxury. We are your Best Personal Assistance Company.  

We are going Upside Down with Martha Stewart

What, How, Where, When did we get on Martha Stewart’s Magazine!! We love all this hype from our Upside Down Christmas Trees. As the season; comes to an end and we now have to breakdown all our Christmas decorations we reminisce those times we are grateful for shatterproof ornaments.

Here Are Our Must Haves for 2017 Holiday Season

Check out our feature on Elle Décor. Let us make your holiday shopping easier! After all we are the professional shoppers according to Elle. Our keen eye and sense of style always puts a smile on every recipient who gets our gifts. We are not your traditional errand boys consider us mini paid santas with […]

Urban Daddy X Paid Santa Claus

Some of you ask why we love Urban Daddy so much? Well, here’s why we get the most up to date lists of restaurant openings daily. We get the entertainment gossip first among our friends… who wouldn’t love that. Its basically our forum for Culture, Travel, The Art & of Course our Holiday Shopping List. […]

RC Inc 2017 Holidays FAQs

How RC Inc is Gearing up for the Holidays; Well we started a couple months ago by casually asking our clients for any direction or if they had anything in mind. From there we start brainstorming with inspiration and ideas Here we ask the founder top 5 questions about the holiday season. 1. What was […]

Vogue Presents RC Inc

RC Inc is proud to announce that we were featured in a full page ad in the September 2017 Issue. For those who do not know this year especially was a very special year; Vogue celebrates their 125 years of existence. So we Salute YOU Vogue. Happiest of birthdays. We speak on behalf of most […]

Treasures on Tuesdays at the Hampton

Tuesday Treasures revealed, last weekend we found a French bistro in the Hamptons. We stopped in for an afternoon cocktail at the bar. However we couldn’t resist having some mussels in white wine sauce and their tuna tartare was divine. The crowd was laid back and chilled for the Hamptons if you get my drift. […]

Geode Necklace

Here is our latest project. Our client sent us her geode necklace. So this is our interpretation of the geode inspired floral arrangement. Let us turn your vision into reality. We deliver anywhere around the world. There is nothing we can’t do, despite this arrangement being extremely heavy we delivered it safe and sound.