Personal Shopping


We here at RC inc should not have favorite tasks and responsibilities but this is one of ours. The joy we bring your friends and family by finding them perfect gift for you really is one of the tasks we take the most pride in.

We handle this for our clients in a number of ways. By request through email call or text, through our members exclusive calendar management program and now our exciting new ap launching in the fall. We customize our reminders for birthdays, thank yous and any special occasion our members would like to recognize with a special gift. We design this for you fromthe communication to the gift itself... everything is how you would like it. You can simply give us a budget and a general item like, flowers, Wine and Spirit's, Gourmet items or we can delve into specifics and get almost anything for your loved one large or small. We customize this service and its reminders and communications to your every need. Pick up a hand written note from your home or office and have it delivered with the gift to having your personal stationary on hand.



Starting his career in personal shopping fashion has always been a love of our founders. The lost art of wardrobing is one of our specialties. From seasonal changes and wardrobe updates to special occasions we have you covered.

Our staff and tailor's have your sizes and measurements on hand to react at a moments notice should you need some options for a night on the town and nothing in your closet will do.

Need a wardrobe update we have you covered. we will customize a selection to your preferences and come to you. We can help you select choices or simply have them dropped off and picked up so you can try on in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

Seasonal changes- we will help catalouge and change out your wardrobe we even can help with professional storage.


You do not have to look like a billboard or a walking advertisement to stay on trend. We help manage and get you the hottest pieces from your favorite designers with each new collection. The seasonal must have to specialty runway items.