RC Inc 2017 Holidays FAQs

How RC Inc is Gearing up for the Holidays; Well we started a couple months ago by casually asking our clients for any direction or if they had anything in mind. From there we start brainstorming with inspiration and ideas

Here we ask the founder top 5 questions about the holiday season.

1. What was your most challenging event/experience during 2016 holiday season?
Transforming a bowling alley for a birthday party; that was fun (Sarcasm) but equally elegant and sophisticated.

2. Fondest Joyful Memory during 2016 holiday season?
The Indian inspired wedding we did at the top of the standard. Was jaw dropping seeing all our hard work come together. Oh and of course our inaugural event was the Epic Records Grammy After party

3. What’s trending for 2017 holidays
The thing I am noticing the most with clients are trees are becoming more fashion focused. For instance two of the trees are inspired by fashion houses.

4. Is there any upcoming, secretive holidays projects you can tell us about for any celebs, hotels chains etc? See above as well as some real cool gifts we are curating this year for clients that include Virtual reality technology

5. We have always wondered what is the best way to decorate hannukah and Christmas in the same household, any tips? It’s easy go more classical in silver and white including but not concentrating on elements from both holidays but in the winter, silver and white themes

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